Setting the Table with B+G & Violetas: Mother’s Day Edition

We are rounding the corner on Mother’s Day! For this edition of Setting the Table with B+G, I had the pleasure of creating beautiful table settings with Patricia Anton Himmel, co-owner of Violetas Lifestyle and Home Design in Coral Gables.

With a newly opened Flagship, I had to pop in to see this stunning boutique. I spent the morning swooning over gorgeous decorative pieces from Fornasetti, Hermès, and Lladró to collectibles that had my eye. As you know, I love a black and white, minimalist story, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I loved mixing and matching with some pops of color and bold patterns.

Patricia and I chatted as we set the table with various beautiful layouts. The first, a Spring pastel theme with a selection of plates by Richard Ginori, followed by a series of  black, white, and gold mix with celestial prints, bold stripes, and color blocking with settings from Fornasetti and Hermès.

Patricia and her team shared some tips and insights on how they set the table. What I learned is that there aren’t really rules per se when it comes to colors and styles. Always consider the type of meal, how many courses you will have and how you want your table to ultimately look. Layering the table adds so much depth and character. I really loved playing with the heights and textures of different pieces to make the settings feel dynamic. Dressing the table is like adding the final accessories to an outfit. It is really about having fun and showcasing your unique personal style.

I hope you enjoy  how Patricia and I styled these settings and inspire your own.  
Be sure to check out @bandgdesign to see behind the scenes during our visit to @Violetashomedesign.

Spring Time Table Decor

This Spring mix and match setting features, pink, blue and black and white. We pulled the colors of the placemat and went from there in selecting the style of the setting. As you can see we layered different size plate styles to create this fresh and colorful feel.
Richard Ginori Plates & L'Objet Cuban Link Napkin Ring
Baccarat Bubble Box Flutes & VETRERIE DE EMPOLI Water Goblet

Set This Spring Time Table

Black & White Table Decor

Black & White Table Setting - Fornasetti Candle
Fornasetti Cup & Saucer

Layering this black and white table allowed us to make it feel personal. Small details like the &Tradition Table lamp illuminated the settings below. We layered Hermès plates, starting with a black rubber placemat, then added the gold plate, followed by a white then black plate on top to close the color block

Giselle adding florals to the Curry & Co Vase
Hermès Table Setting
Violetas "Dining Room" Photography by Eric Giuliani
Giselle Loor Sugerman & Patricia Anton Himmel
Violetas Fornasetti Wall - Photography by Eric Giuliani

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