Maluma’s latest video filmed at Miami Condo by B+G Design

On a Saturday afternoon, Giselle Sugerman, co-founder of B+G Design was checking emails when she saw a request from a location scout to see their private residence in downtown Miami for a potential filming. Little did she know that global Latin artist, Maluma would later film the music video for his latest single, Coco Loco at their apartment. 

“I was beyond excited and thrilled that our home was going to be a setting for Maluma’s video. It is really an honor to have your work recognized and we’re so grateful. When the video dropped on June 8th we were refreshing Maluma’s Instagram page to see it.  Needless to say we were ecstatic.” 

Director Jessy Terrero  picked the location and executed his creative vision in the cosmopolitan Miami condo designed in a sleek monochromatic palette of black and white tones with warm touches throughout.  

The Minotti Lawson sofa with the backdrop of the Parisian moldings served as one of the primary ambiances in the video creating an impactful visual.

“Having  a full crew, cameras, and lighting set up all over was really incredible to watch. What you see in a final production is just a part of what goes on behind the scenes. It really resonates with what we do as designers. Once we photograph a project, you see the professional photos, but what is orchestrated for months and sometimes years prior is what we  do to make these spaces unique and special.”  Giselle Sugerman

Photographed by Kris Tamburello | View of Brett and Giselle Sugerman's Kitchen
B+G Design Ten Museum Park Residence
Photographed by Kris Tamburello | View of the loft apartment at Ten Museum Park by B+G Design

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