Setting the Table with B+G: Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Celebrate with the ones you love be it friends, colleagues, partners or spouses. Most importantly, don’t forget to set aside time to appreciate yourself.

For me, setting the table for an intimate dinner at home is a grand gesture. Taking the time to curate the decor and add personal touches is my way of showing love. I’m able to express how I feel in that moment. Who doesn’t love to see a beautiful setting that brings together romantic elements for a special gathering?

Curating a table setting at home doesn’t have to get complicated. Embrace the decor and accents you have at home. Add romantic touches like roses or delicate textures to create layers adding depth and character to the overall feel.

This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to embrace a moody tablescape with burgundy color roses against the rich black tones of our B&B Italia dining table.

It’s the small details that really make a difference. Gently open a rose’s petals to help them unfold their beautiful layers. Immediately, a bouquet transforms into a full arrangement that engages your eye and draws your attention to the center of the table. Opting for a non standard vase, I repurposed a Luminaire vase with frosted glass that conceals the imperfect nature of the stems while still hinting at the vibrant green. Almost balancing, the off center vase brings in a sculptural element. Satin ribbon, bundles a trio of roses across stark white place settings, bringing a little piece of the bouquet to each guest.I love how the mantilla, a piece gifted from my mother, is transformed into the table linen adding just the right amount of romance.

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