Step Outside: Design a Chic Balcony with B+G & Plant the Future

The infamous balcony. How do you make the most of a balcony space even if the outdoor real estate is not that big? When we design for ourselves or for our clients, we always consider how that setting should look especially if you are transitioning from a particular aesthetic inside. Stepping outside from a living room space to your balcony should feel like a part of the rest of the interiors telling a continuous story.

It is often a space that gets overlooked and where we see “design fatigue”. Once you complete the inside, some leave the outside with the bare essentials – a chair, with a side table, and a small plant. We know you.

Well, let’s refresh and reconsider how your balcony, be it small to extra large, can be designed to feel like an oasis in the sky creating a place for you to relax, unwind, enjoy a coffee, or even eat al fresco.

Along with some of my favorite outdoor pieces, I reached out to our friends at Plant the Future to help us curate a selection of their products that will not only enhance your balcony setting visually, but also bring in a connection with nature that city living may sometimes lack.

Miami Balcony with CLIMA HOME Lounges

3 Options That Add Greenery to Your Balcony

When we asked Plant the Future’s team to share a selection of potted plants that can add much needed greenery to balcony settings – we also considered where they were sourced and how long they generally last outside, especially in South Florida. In our home, we worked with Plant the Future to source both small and large arrangements that are simple and elegant in line with our aesthetic.

Two Important Things to Note from the team at Plant the Future Miami: 

How long will plants live?
This depends on the conditions the plants are living in and how properly they are cared for. Generally, our desert gardens and terrarium last for many years with a few plants that dry up and need to be replaced after a few months. Our orchids are grade A quality and can last from 1-3 months. The airplants can last for 6-12 months and may produce offspring that replace the mother plant.

Where are the plants from?
The plants are sourced locally although some are partially grown in other parts of the United States and some are even imported from far away exotic places.


Images Courtesy of Plant the Future Miami – Photographer Tato Gomez

Outdoor Dining Table

If you have the space, an outdoor dining table is a luxury to have in a balcony setting. First, it creates an entirely new area in your home for gathering and entertaining. Spending time outdoors, especially if you work remotely can reenergize your senses.

At our own home, we opted for B&B Italia’s Tobi-Ishi Outdoor Table. Description via B&B Italia.

“Tobi-Ishi Outdoor is the outdoor version of the iconic Zen-inspired indoor table of the same name. The name itself is a reference to the polished stones (tobi-ishi) used ornamentally in traditional Japanese gardens. The overhang of the top and the vertical trapezoidal bases set at right angles generate an essential sculptural figure that appears to change shape depending on the point of observation.”

In the outdoor version, the table is made of cement and is heavy enough to withstand strong winds and the elements.

B&B Italia Tobi-Ishi Outdoor Dining Table
CLIMA HOME Lounge Chairs & B&B Italia Tobi -Ishi Outdoor Table with Vitra Pantone Chairs

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor balcony lights will almost always need access to electrical outlets unless they are wireless and come with rechargeable batteries. Make sure that when you are sourcing outdoor lighting that they are suitable for exposure to the elements. Weigh down lighter fixtures to ensure they stay where they are meant to stay. I really love these two very different options. First, the Reeds by Artemide Architectural. Resembling tall blades of grass, this floor light fixture offers diffused emission with monochromatic LED sources. The second light, also characteristic of natural elements – like a wicker basket weave, is the Valencia Green by Dexter. Equipped with a 5 meter neoprene power cable, it is easy to assemble and can be fixed with anchors (if using in a garden for example).
Reeds by Artemide Architectural
Valencia Green by Dexter

Outdoor Lounge Chairs, Coffee Tables + Side Tables

The outdoor lounge chair or often referred to as a chaise lounge is an essential part of coastal living. For a project in Miami Beach at the Porsche Design Tower, we opted for Knoll Outdoor Richard Schultz 1966 chaises – a classic pair that is able to stand up to ocean air. Sleek lines with a minimal profile – these fall into B+G’s known aesthetic.

Knoll Outdoor Richard Schultz 1966 Adjustable Chaise from CLIMA HOME
Richard Schultz 1966 Two-Seat Lounge
Richard Schultz 1966 Adjustable Chaise
Richard Schultz 1966 Coffee Table
Richard Schultz 1966 End Table

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