PANTONE 2021 Colors of the Year

2020 was an unexpected and chaotic year for all. This year, Pantone announced not one, but two shades, selected with the intention of forecasting the year ahead. This year’s tones are a reliable Ultimate Grey and vivacious Illuminating yellow. Pantone selected two immensely contrasting tones to demonstrate how different elements con unite to express a message of strength and harmony despite their differences.

With that said, when designing your own home, most of us question how to utilize these two tones in a manner that is timeless and tasteful. Here are a few ways we recommend both shades can be introduced into your home, either individually or together.


Some are afraid to use a bold tone like the vivid illuminating. If you fall within that category a perfect way to contrast ths bright tone is by using a consistent neutral color palette throughout the remainder of the space, much like we did here in our son’s room.


A daring shade such as illuminating can be tastefully incorporated in the home with the use of an abstract piece of art. We used this elegant yet abstract piece in our home to bring the space to life.


Contrary to popular belief grey is anything, but boring. Ultimate grey is not only a timeless shade, but its the perfect tone for a monochromatic moment. This seating space in one of our most recent projects is exemplary of how to do all-grey the right way.


A reliable tone like ultimate grey can become dull if not properly paired with the design elements in its surroundings. By using darker wood tones and incorporating unique greyscale photography (art by axiom) we elegantly embellished the space. Those small additions took the design from bland to bold.

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