Modern Kitchen Design in Miami

Photographed by Kris Tamburello

B+G Design Inc. is an award-winning Miami based interior design firm founded by Brett Sugerman and Giselle Loor Sugerman.  Renowned for their innovative interiors, B+G Design is celebrated for its ability to seamlessly meld modern aesthetics with timeless appeal, creating spaces that resonate with functionality, sophistication, and warmth. When designing homes they understand that a kitchen isn’t just a functional space; it’s a vital component of a home’s character and soul.

In their eleventh project for legacy clients in Park Grove of Coconut Grove, Brett and Giselle Loor Sugerman once again showcase their remarkable design expertise. This city-style residence in the waterfront community offers a panoramic view of the iconic yacht club and the sprawling downtown Miami skyline. The sleek kitchen they envisioned, in keeping with their clients’ enduring appreciation for clean lines, a monochromatic color palette, and refined furnishings, is a testament to their capacity to blend warmth and modernity seamlessly. It provides not only functional spaces but also a canvas to showcase the clients’ prominent art and treasured memorabilia.

Photographed by Barry Grossman
A private elevator lobby welcomes you into this sleek and sexy apartment with views to the Intracoastal. Designed for a couple, the home’s interiors are sophisticated and appeal to both his and hers tastes. Leading into the residence is the entry foyer which opens into the living room and bar comprising the majority of the common areas in the home.The kitchen is always infused with natural light allowing the neutral finishes in cream and warm wood to stand out.
Photographed by Alexia Fodere

In the Modern Gables Residence, Brett and Giselle have masterfully crafted a sleek kitchen that seamlessly integrates into their meticulously designed living spaces. Opting for a monochromatic color palette the interiors range from cool greys to black, and cream tones, the kitchen exudes a sense of contemporary sophistication. Designed to cater to the client’s passion for socializing and entertaining, the gourmet chef’s kitchen boasts luxurious cabinetry by Studio Snaidero Hollywood and high-end appliances by Ferguson. B+G Design’s thoughtful layout adjustments, including the addition of an extra row of kitchen cabinets in black, elevate the kitchen’s functionality while maintaining its elegant aesthetic. This kitchen, within a larger masterpiece of interior design, reflects their unwavering commitment to harmoniously merging form and function in their work.


Photographed by Kris Tamburello
When the founding principals of B+G Design relocated from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami in the Spring of 2021, the design duo opted to transition to an 1,800 s.f. sky-high residence overlooking Biscayne Bay. They completed a full renovation of the interiors including a total kitchen remodel and adding an expansive pantry. This project embodies their commitment to striking a balance between functional minimalism and their own unique design sensibilities. Departing from the aesthetic of their previous 1970s coastal residence, this new Miami interior design concept is a testament to their evolution. With a blend of modernity and sculptural furnishings in matte black, white, and various natural tones, the space exudes a sensually sophisticated ambiance inspired by their worldly travels. The inclusion of textured fabrics, marble, Parisian-style moldings, and a curated selection of objet-d’art soulfully characterize the high-design of this Miami abode.

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