B+G Design Tour Salone Del Mobile & Paris Showrooms

Follow us as we voyage through Europe and we explore world-renowned interior design showrooms and the annual one-of-a-kind Milan design show.

Tour the Pierre Augustin Rose and the Liaigre Showroom in Paris.

An ambiance of subtle European sophistication exudes from every moment of our tour at Pierre Augustin Rose. Textural fabrics and warm wood tones were effortlessly combined creating chic settings. Sculptures in stone set among the soft plush seating add a harmonious balance, which Brett and I really enjoyed discovering.

Inside Liaigre’s showroom was minimalist curation in monochromatic tones where contemporary lighting elements casted soft glows. Wood finishes paired with matte black created masculine yet refined atmospheres from living rooms to bedroom environments. We love minimalist and contemporary settings that still showcase our client’s personal artifacts and collectibles.

When traveling and sourcing for client projects our priority is selecting unique pieces that will create timeless stories in their personal spaces. Our team looks for craftsmanship, design heritage and the best in fabrics and finishes.

Hermes at Salone del Mobile

Displaying elements from the “…North African vernacular architecture and solemn altar-like plinths…”, Hermès unveiled their new home collection during Salone del Mobile. The large painted pillars guided us through the geometric design which enhanced the collection’s bright and refreshing primary colors. Hermes was able to balance their iconic design elements while celebrating craftsmanship and the use

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