Meet Giselle Loor Sugerman of B+G Design

Giselle Loor Sugerman, Co-founder, B+G Design Photography by Greg Lotus

A first generation American with Ecuadorian roots, Giselle Loor Sugerman, co-founder of B+G Design knew that she was destined to help people. Born and raised in South Florida, she grew up constantly rearranging her family’s furniture. Calling this her first exposure to “space planning” she has always loved a good makeover and the capability of transforming a space.

In 2001, she was paired with her now husband and partner, Brett Sugerman. The duo began designing projects together and knew right away they were destined to build something bigger. In 2006, after working together for almost twelve years, Giselle and Brett went on their own, establishing B+G Design. The plus, in B+G came to signify how the pair would add to each other’s ideas – the sum being greater than their parts.

Intuitive by nature, Giselle brings an emotional and wellness connection to her projects. She balances establishing a personal relationship while providing their clients with the customized attention they need. Giselle believes there is nothing more personal than designing someone’s home, which goes beyond the design. Her goal is to understand their clients personalities and lifestyles – taking into consideration how they live, work, and play in order to surpass their expectations.

Influenced by fashion and their travels, she looks to incorporate timeless applications to new trends which create their signature contemporary aesthetic. An avid researcher, Giselle plays an instrumental role in implementing the latest design advances in their projects.

Always wanting to share what they do and how they do it, Giselle established Beyond Design in 2022, their digital publication that offers just that, a look into their process, designs and lifestyle trends. As B+G continues to evolve with a new office in Miami, Giselle continues to evolve the firm’s presence with strategic partnerships and collaborations with industry partners.

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