Interview with Alvaro Nuñez: Super Luxury Group

Giselle had the pleasure of meeting Alvaro Nuñez of Super Luxury Group and chatting with him a couple of weeks ago on Instagram Live. His passion for real estate in South Florida and beyond had both Brett and Giselle intrigued. They invited him to chat about how he started in the industry, his thoughts on the Miami real estate market, marketing luxury real estate and what he loves to do outside of Super Luxury Group

Let’s start to get to know you. Alvaro, how did you get into this industry?

I got into real estate through luxury villa rentals in the Caribbean. There was an opportunity to get into that space at an early age, where I saw that 90% of high-end beach front properties were empty. I looked into ways to get a hold of the owners to manage their homes and list them for short-term rentals. After a few months, I ended up building a large portfolio of homes, which throughout the next few years expanded to other jet-set destinations around the world. 

Once I understood the luxury market and the client’s needs, we started presenting and promoting these properties (income producing assets) as a great investment opportunity. During the beginning of the pandemic, there was a much higher demand for these homes, specially in our home base Miami, making it our focal point for the business.

With a major focus on properties above the $5 million price point, your team specializes in matching the client’s lifestyle with properties that reflect and cater to their personal needs. With the current real estate market in Miami being so hot, what are clients prioritizing when looking for properties? Is it location or size or both?

Space is the new luxury, and therefore, many of our friends and clients are prioritizing large ocean front properties that give them access to many important lifestyle components. Location is definitely still a major factor when choosing your next home, although we saw a higher demand in areas where prices are still not as high, like main hot spots in Miami.

Super Luxury Group has access to some amazing properties in South Florida, many with asking prices over 20 million. In those price ranges, what type of interior design styles stand out and really differentiate them across the product that is available in Miami?

Majority of clients are looking for more space and breathable areas throughout their homes. From modern and practical design, to a more holistic and wellness approach – including more gym and spa spaces as well as open areas in general.

You have built a brand awareness that resonates with agents and sellers. Tell us a little bit about your brand’s journey.

The whole idea behind our brand approach has always been to bring experiential exposure to our homes through unique collaborations. Therefore, working with luxury homes, celebrities, influencers, and luxury brands has been our key ingredient for engagement and growth as it represents the lifestyle, knowledge and community.

How does Super Luxury Group integrate Crypto & NFT into promoting multimillion dollar properties?

Crypto has become more and more popular, as well as the derivatives on NFTs and the Metaverse. Therefore, building that bridge with luxury real estate has helped us attract new buyers that have made big fortunes and are ready to invest on real estate – whether this is investing with crypto, acquiring an NFT of the house, or even purchasing land on the Metaverse to develop your own virtual home.

Let’s get personal – we love to travel, and we see that you are a jet setter yourself. Where are some of your favorite places to visit?

Every destination has something unique to offer. However, I always enjoy exotic destinations such as Maldives, Tulum, or Costa Rica. For a more fun trip in the summer, I totally recommend some of the jet-set spots in Europe such as Mykonos, Ibiza, and South of France.

Outside of real estate, what inspires you?

My mantra has always been to build a business that fuels your passion. In this case, the reason I got into real estate is to enhance people’s lives through homes while connecting and building a community of individuals that inspire and want to make this world a better place. Besides that, I love to travel, skydive, compete in super-endurance races (such as Ironman), as well as experiencing what the world has to offer.

About Super Luxury Group

SLG is an acclaimed Miami luxury real estate media network committed to connect and help the affluent to celebritize and sell high-end properties through influencer marketing. By using the power of proven media, luxury brands, NFT & Crypto integrations, and influencer collaborations, the Super Luxury Group team strives for the best results: matching the clients’ lifestyle with properties that reflect and cater their personal needs is a priority. SLG’s ability to find the best homes is attributed to its team’s knowledge and determination.

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