Functional Minimalism Meets Fashionable Modern in Miami

It wasn’t without soulful reflection that Giselle Loor Sugerman and Brett Sugerman made the resolute decision to uproot their Fort Lauderdale home and embrace high-rise living in downtown Miami. The husband-and-wife team behind B+G Design took the plunge for multiple reasons when they found themselves as new empty-nesters. With their two sons off to college and more work commitments in Miami-Dade, they envisioned a fresh beginning.

“It made sense for us to be in Miami,” says Brett. “Our business is gravitating here, and all the action happens here. Plus, our strategic location grants us access to the city’s hot spots, including the Miami Design District, where we opened our new office.” In the spring of 2021, the couple set up residence at Miami’s Ten Museum Park, a luxury condo development designed by award-winning architect Chad Oppenheim. 

Prized for its clean, minimalist aesthetic, the building’s overall apartment design is a complete departure from Brett and Giselle’s former home, a 1970s contemporary coastal residence with an elaborate private pool terrace and extraordinary water views. Their new 1,802- square-foot abode takes a more pared-down approach with a mix of sculptural furnishings in matte black, white, and a diversity of neutral tones and natural materials. The mood evokes a European sophistication inspired by their travels.

“Scaling down from a single-family home requires expert space planning, which is our specialty,” says Giselle. “An apartment can live and feel as big as a traditional home. You must plan and prioritize every inch of real estate, but it is achievable. We maximized storage, concealed cabinetry, and remodeled the condo into a captivating residence that leaves a grand impression.”

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