Design Diary: Marrakech

In October, Brett and I embarked on a mini escape to Morocco to visit Marrakech, where beauty abounds in every detail of this majestic city. Traveling with another design couple, we planned our trip to maximize every moment.

We stayed at Amanjena, a hotel that inspired our souls. The design of this stunning property lends itself to beautiful moments that we were blessed to capture.

Stunning colors, textures, patterns, and architectural details take you on unexpected journeys throughout Marrakech. In the souks, shopping for our clients, we embarked on one of a kind pieces where the craftsmanship shows the artisanry that is put into every piece.

We walked through secret gardens, enjoyed architectural tours, and tasted cuisine that delighted in every bite.

Marrakech is a real life Pinterest board where every moment is pin-worthy. We found details in textures and sculptural designs that inspire our own aesthetic. Pattern on color, ornate tiles, intricate weaves, and deep earth tones are signature Moroccan concepts that are beautifully showcased.

Must see places to add to your list from hotels, restaurants and shopping:

During our visit, we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. When I think of how much life we have lived since we have been together, I can’t help but get nostalgic. We have been through such highs and low and everything in between together. Our love story has not been conventional by any means. One day we’ll write that book, but for now we can share this moment.

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