A Modern Coral Gables Residence: Giralda Place

Brett Sugerman and Giselle Loor Sugerman of B+G Design, Inc., designed and delivered a client’s ultimate modern luxury residence in Coral Gables. The 2,400 sq. ft., three-bedroom apartment features spans of clearstory windows with city views, eleven-foot ceiling heights, and open plan.

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#Bedroomgoals with Privilegio Milano

When shopping for bedroom linens we look for clean and classic styles, in premium cotton options that will not only look beautiful when the bed is fully dressed, but also feel great. Brett and I joke that we get this tingly feeling when we slip into crisp, clean sheets. At the end of the day, your bedroom is a sanctuary and your bedding is just as important as the overall design of the room.

A brand we love and have worked with across many of our projects is Privilegio Milano. With Salone Del Mobile in full swing we wanted to spotlight one of our favorite Italian brands for luxury linens in Miami.

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Step Outside: Design a Chic Balcony with B+G & Plant the Future

The infamous balcony. How do you make the most of a balcony space even if the outdoor real estate is not that big? When we design for ourselves or for our clients, we always consider how that setting should look especially if you are transitioning from a particular aesthetic inside. Stepping outside from a living room space to your balcony should feel like a part of the rest of the interiors telling a continuous story.

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The Wall Street Journal: Their Kids Were Leaving for College, So These Empty-Nesters Found a New Place to Perch

Brett and Giselle Sugerman, interior designers who own B+G Design, seemed as committed to their Fort Lauderdale, Fla., life as any homeowners in the city. Until they weren’t.

Unable to resist the lure of Downtown Miami, in December 2019 the two bought a two-story, roughly 2,000-square-foot condo in Ten Museum Park

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Interview with MORADA-Haute Furniture Boutique: Fashion Inspired Furniture

Giselle and I chatted with dear friends and industry colleagues, Fernan Hernandez and Holger Odenstein, the founders of the Miami based, luxury furniture and design house MORADA-Haute Furniture Boutique.

If you know Giselle, you know how fashion inspires her. Taking cues from the latest shows off the runway, she never misses a mark when it comes to how we incorporate fashion elements be it a color palette or textile into our designs.

We caught up with this design-duo to talk about their fashion inspired furniture and how they are inspired when designing their collection.

Fernan, MORADA is known for fashion inspired furniture designs ? How do you incorporate fashion that is timeless and still contemporary into your collection ?

I have always been fascinated by fashion. When I design a collection or particular pieces that inspire a series, I reference what is happening in fashion that is also influencing the home. More than trends, I look at textures, colorways and silhouettes that can eventually shape features or lines in our pieces. I look at the details. Those details are what shape a collection, from a buckle to a zipper or fringe. The accents are what make the furniture different. I’m passionate about creating furniture that you want to live in and of course love to admire. To remain contemporary and relevant for years, I look to styles that are ageless.

Holger: Adding to what Fernan said, our goal was always to tailor and customize our collections for our clients. Our materials offering is luxe – always sourcing the highest quality leathers, fabrics and finishes. A haute design experience, similar to how one would custom create a beautiful garment.

Photos by Alexia Fodere

When it comes to Textiles and finishes, how are you seeing the relationship between fashion and furniture in 2022 ?

Fernan: We all know that fashion and trends change constantly. It has evolved in the last two years and we have seen concepts from high-fashion make their way into mainstream, for example sustainable fabrics and vegan leathers.
What we do see and pay attention to is the textiles and finish styles that are becoming more prevalent. MORADA went through a time where brass and gold finishes were very popular. Now for example, we find designers and their clients looking for matte styles in addition to polished metals. In textiles, boucle and tweed to pebbled or textured leathers are coming off the runways and making their way into home design.

Is there a relationship between your personal style and your personal home?

Fernan: Our personal style is very different from our home style. When we travel we collect and bring back pieces that inspire our designs. Our Miami home is inspired by a trip we took to Bali. Our home in Germany, is a more tailored and dapper feel, more contemporary and inline with the city our residence is in. Our homes definitely reflect the vibe and essence of the location. This is something we bring into our ambiances – we tap into the natural environments of the region and try to reflect that in our design concepts.

Since the pandemic what colors and styles are your clients gravitating towards?

Fernan: Since the start of the pandemic, Holger and I have noticed our clients leaning toward more modern and timeless pieces. With many people switching to remote working, we see a shift to furniture they can actually enjoy and feel comfortable in. Neutrals from beiges to gray tones are always popular in addition to accent colors like royal blue and burnt oranges for statement chairs or ottomans.

We have all seen fashion trends come and go. How does MORADA’s collection remain relevant?

Holger: MORADA’s pieces remain current since the beginning of our company. The silhouettes of our designs are in general, pretty classic. What makes them special and stand out is the detail, the special stitching or accent that is added to bring a unique touch.

Fernan: We always are of the mindset that your home will remain timeless when you select classic styles, a neutral palette and then play with colors. You can refresh as you need to, but creating timeless ambiances is key to remaining relevant. Fast fashion translates into home decor accessories that may be fun for a limited run. Undoubtedly we tailor and create our pieces to translate into years to come.

If there was an era in fashion you would love to incorporate into your furniture designs what would that be?

Fernan: There is definitely a resurgence in 70s inspired home design. Organic silhouettes and natural fabrics. Biophilic designs and interiors that incorporate natural elements. There is a necessity to feel at ease in an environment that lets people connect with nature.

There are fashion moments in the hey-day of the 90s where maximalist accessories were a trend. We have adapted some of those iconic fashion moments into our designs for example in the Bond Collection – where Italian leather belts wrap around our bench and armchair.

From your collection what is your personal favorite piece?

Fernan: My favorite is always the next piece we design

The AVI Armchair has a particular meaning to me. The AVI is inspired by the wing chairs we had in our home in Venezuela. We then inherited the chairs and reupholstered them into a blue velvet with mustard piping to match our sofa. They are memories that I’m able to reinterpret and continue giving life to for others to enjoy.

6 Fabulous Walk-In Closets

Closets come in various sizes, although not all are set up to create efficient and optimal use of space. As a husband and wife team, we know first-hand how important it is to have well-planned areas to comfortably organize wardrobes for couples in their homes. Whether designing closets for ourselves or for our clients, finding the best storage solutions really comes down to the details.

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