B+G Design Speaks at DCOTA Panel: Design Duos: Are Two Heads Better Than One?

On August 18th, Brett and I were  featured panelists alongside SIRE Design and RAYMOND NICOLAS at the DCOTA Summer Market Refresh.

Moderated by Interior Designer and host of SoFlo Home, Alena Capra we chatted about our experience as a designing couple, our take on trends, turn-key interiors, how we choose color palettes and most importantly  how we have grown not only as partners in business but, also personally.

A lesson we share with young designers and newly married couples is that there always needs to be a balance between work and your life at home together. Sometimes, work conversations can come home and continue into a weekend or family time which can become not only time-consuming but also throw off  your home dynamic. You can grow your business and have the benefit of sharing those wins and losses together but also take the time to grow as individuals. 

When we started B+G Design, we knew that “two heads” were definitely better that one. We use the “+” in B+G rather than an ampersand because we say we add to each other’s strengths.

Let’s share a little of the Q&A:

What do we think about trends and how do we apply them:

Our job is to be able to differentiate what is trending and what will be timeless. Clients want to enjoy their home for years to come and while we agree that some trends can make an impact, it is important to ensure that the overall design story is timeless and won’t feel aged within a short amount of time.

What influences a color palette?

If you take a close look at a client’s wardrobe or even your own, you will find that people like to live in colors that reflect their style. Meaning, if you’re more into a monochromatic wardrobe usually that can be a predictor of the colors you will choose. If you like lively colors then maybe the art and accessories in your home reflect that energy.

Do we offer turn-key designs- meaning fully finished with linens and bedding?

Our interiors are fully complete, turn-key designs. Our clients expect to walk into their new spaces and be able to enjoy them right away. We work with our clients to select the finest linens and fabrics from pillows to throws, accessories, lighting – you name it to create fully designed spaces. You can visit our projects page to see examples of some of our recent designs.


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