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When shopping for bedroom linens we look for clean and classic styles, in premium cotton options that will not only look beautiful when the bed is fully dressed, but also feel great. Brett and I joke that we get this tingly feeling when we slip into crisp, clean sheets. At the end of the day, your bedroom is a sanctuary and your bedding is just as important as the overall design of the room.

A brand we love and have worked with across many of our projects is Privilegio Milano. With Salone Del Mobile in full swing we wanted to spotlight one of our favorite Italian brands for luxury linens in Miami.

Privilegio Milano owned by Monica Castiglioni specializes in luxury linens made in Italy by Tuscan craftsmen who bring style that only Italian creativity and imagination can conceive. Like Monica, we also think it is important to focus on the details to create a luxuriously relaxing environment. We connected with her to share her expertise in selecting the best linens and bedding and of course tips on how to make the perfect bed.

What is the most important decision one makes when shopping for bedding?

The first step is to buy quality cotton. But what does high quality cotton mean? High quality cotton contains longer and stronger fibers which retain their strength. Sheets that are made from fine grades of cotton feel softer and last longer than sheets made with substandard grades of cotton.

Fine Italian linens cost more, but they are superior, thus the cost is higher because of the quality of cotton , yarns, weaving, and finishing techniques that are the finest in the world .

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We love the feel of silky sheets, but not everyone does? What options do you recommend?

B+G Bedroom Design in Miami

If you like a matte finish and crisp feel you have to set your bed with Percale cotton. If you like silky and lustrous sheets you have to buy Sateen cotton. Percale is cool and breathable, which is  perfect for warmer months and warm sleepers. Percale is more resistant to pilling, but very prone to wrinkling, where as Sateen has a very smooth feel to the touch and is less prone to wrinkling. 80% of our clients prefer Sateen.

Let's talk pillows.

The number of pillows in the bed is very important so that you can dress your bed as you like. Not everyone likes to have a lot of pillows to maintain, but there are some pillows you ultimately need to make your bed look luxe. 

At B+G, we go for the less is more as you can see from our previous projects, but for a rule of thumb, Monica shares the basics needed for a King size and Queen size bed.

Pillows for a A King Size Bed

  • 3 Euro pillows on the back
  • 2 Pillow Shams 20×20
  • 2 Pillowcase for sleeping
  • 2 Accent pillows 
  • 1 Lumbar in the middle in the front 12×24

Pillows for a Queen Size Bed

  • 2 Euro Pillows
  • 2 Pillow Sham
  • 2 Pillow Case
  • 2 Accent pillow in the front 18×18
  • 1 Lumbar pillow 14×20

For those that prefer less pillows,  Monica recommends:

  •  2 Pillow Cases on the back
  • 2 Pillow Shams in the front
  • 2 Accent pillows in  front of pillow of the sham.
  • No Euro pillows or lumbar pillows

What finishing touches would you recommend?

B+G Bedroom Design at Giralda Place

I would say, add a coverlet on top of the flat sheet and add a folded duvet cover at the foot of the bed for extra coziness. Last, add a throw in cashmere or wool for extra texture.

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