An Inside Tour of Casa Fornasetti

Words can’t really describe how magical it felt to tour Casa Fornasetti – built in the 19th century, the original home to Pietro Fornasetti. We had the amazing opportunity to experience this unbelievable residence, where his son Piero Fornasetti began his pursuit in printing, art, and design. His son Barnaba became the sole keeper of Casa Fornasetti after his father’s passing in 1988. Fornasetti as a brand truly represents the heritage and passion for design that is expressed so artistically – really a movement in design that is recognizable for its style and signature motifs.

Through a guided tour we came to see how the u-shaped home is enveloped in the designs. Creativity explodes from every corner. Prints, patterns, and motifs rise from every layer taking you inside the minds of these two creatives- from the archives to Barnaba’s current works.

We also had the pleasure of attending their Salone del Mobile event al fresco in the hydrangea filled garden.

Casa Fornasetti_10
Outdoor garden with colleagues from Britto Charette
Casa Fornasetti_5
Custom Fornasetti Città che si rispecchia (Reflecting City) cabinet.
Living mood boards on the walls in the studio.

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