A Miami Kitchen Renovation that Dishes a Modern Contemporary Appeal

When Giselle and Brett Sugerman purchased their new condo at Ten Museum Park in 2019  little did they know that they would be remodeling their new Miami condo in the middle of the pandemic. Overcoming delays and strict building restrictions the pair embarked on an epic kitchen renovation that has since been published in the pages of The Wall Street Journal,  Casa Vogue Brazil, Florida Design, Luxe Magazine, and KBB Kitchen & Bath among many other titles. Their apartment received a LUXE Magazine 2022 RED Award for Excellence in Interior Design.  

Moving from a house to a condo, Giselle knew she wanted to have a kitchen that reflected aspects of their old home, but in a fresh and modern style. As the kitchen was really the heart of their home, she was cooking up (pardon the pun) new ideas that would integrate the kitchen with the rest of the interiors.

Let’s get into what the original kitchen was to begin with.

The Original Kitchen


WHO USES IT: Brett and Giselle, and occasionally their college aged boys when they visit on breaks

THE LAYOUT:  The kitchen was basic with five floating cabinets with frosted doors. The oven and the range were next to the sink. The range hood can be seen under the second cabinet to the left. Minimal storage was underneath the sink for trash and recycling. The outlets were exposed on the back wall. The island was small without much to showcase. To the left of the kitchen under the stairs was dead space that was not being utilized to its full potential.

The original layout of the kitchen was basic at most with minimal storage.
B+G Design Kitchen Remodel_2B+G Design Kitchen Remodel_2
A frontal view of the kitchen showcases the small footprint of the island and full view of the 200 SF space.
BG Kitchen Remodel_5BG Kitchen Remodel_5
The building's original stainless steel appliances and sink area.

Giselle knew right away that the original layout of the kitchen was not going to work for them. Adding additional storage and more counter space was important to both her and Brett. Tying the kitchen into the overall design of the condo was key as the kitchen faces the dining room and is open to the living area.

The original kitchen layout did not take advantage of the full height available for the cabinets and appliances. For example,  the oven range and cooktop were not part of the island. The refrigerator was exposed as was the powder room door off to the right of the kitchen. The duo love clean lines and minimal display of kitchen accessories and fixtures.

Take a Tour of the Pre Construction Kitchen with Brett & Giselle

The New Modern Contemporary Kitchen Floor Plan

THE ISLAND:  Starting from left to right as if facing the dining table

Subzero freezer
2 Drawers + basket for storage
Pull out cabinets for bottles and cutting boards on both sides of the oven
Wolf Oven and induction cooktop
2 drawers + basket for storage
Mircrowave drawer
Warming drawer
Wine cooler

THE SINK: Starting from the bottom left

  • Subzero French door refrigerator 
  • MIELE dishwasher
  • Cabinets 
  • Under sink storage
  •  Trash pull out with dual bins
  • Breakfast closet with shelves for display

Remember the original entry layout with the white door and no decompression zone? Well, B+G created a modern entry foyer that welcomes you in by creating cabinetry that extends out 18 inches on both sides. Built in LED lighting also casts a soft glow around the entrance. To the right of the foyer, they added additional storage, creating an expansive pantry in matching matte-black finish that looks and feels velvety to the touch. These built-in cabinets increased their storage capacity while at the same time seamlessly interacting with the rest of the space. 

A view of the closed pantry doors.
The pantry doors open to reveal their organized food storage area with custom shelves that pull out.

Before & After Kitchen Remodel

B+G Design Miami Kitchen Renovation_7B+G Design Miami Kitchen Renovation_7
Opustone Paonazzetto Marble Island
Install view of the marble island counter
B+G Kitchen Remodel_11B+G Kitchen Remodel_11
AFTER: Black and White Modern Kitchen
Designed for a design duo this kitchen is meant for entertaining

Matte Black Finishes & Parisian Style Molding

The original intent in the kitchen design was to fully conceal the kitchen sink behind paneling. As B+G went through the design development phase, they decided to keep the kitchen sink area open rather than closing it in.

The matte black walls were then complemented by the Parisian style moldings in the dining area adding a European feel to the modern space. The ying and yang of the black and white plays  well in this space with the touch of warm color coming from the Wishbone dining chairs with natural tone. There is a balance in the design of mixing the traditional style with the more modern cosmopolitan appeal.

Did you notice the lighting fixtures? The original pendant style lights were replaced with chic black box style from Kreon along with recessed lighting.

The Morning Kitchen: Coffee Pantry

Adjacent to the kitchen, a breakfast closet beautifully opens to reveal chrome metal shelves displaying their espresso maker, where Brett and Giselle experience their morning coffee ritual. This convenient addition to the kitchen is a gem that can be appreciated with the pocket doors fully open. For events and entertaining, this area can be styled to display seasonal decor.

Before & After: Bar Nook

Underneath the nook of the stairway, a custom low cabinet bar was added creating additional storage for their entertaining accoutrement with a matching Lamino Nero top. As you can see the walls feature the Parisian style molding throughout adding warmth and character to the contemporary aesthetic. The metal framing of the stairs and steps were kept but remodeled with smokey grey glass facade. The stairs were stained to match the flooring throughout the residence.

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