5 Must-Have Closet & Vanity Organization Ideas

When it comes to organization, both Brett and I believe that there is a room and place for everything. When we design for our clients and for ourselves, we appreciate that unnecessary clutter simply takes away from the design of your home, be it your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Closets tend to become the catch-all room in many households for miscellaneous items, luggage, and even sporting equipment. To keep your closets organized there are so many great finds in the market now, especially on Amazon  that can help you transform and reorganize these spaces.

Tap into your inner “Marie Kondo”, say thank you and goodbye to those things you don’t need and welcome these home edit organization ideas that will be sure to make you regain lost storage space.

Large Adhesive Hooks

From hanging belts, coats, hats and purses these waterproof and rust proof wall hooks are an easy solution for your hanging needs. With a clear mounting surface they don’t distract or add attention to your space.

Clear Vanity & Desk Drawer Organizers​

Multifunctional for any cabinet or vanity, these organizers come in a six piece set. Layer them or simply arrange them inside a drawer to tidy your make-up, school supplies or kitchen accoutrement.

Decorative Storage Boxes

There are a plethora of storage boxes that range in style and size. Opt for those that come in clean, simple and contemporary styles. To protect valuables choose those that feature a lid or top closure. A front pull is key in helping you bring boxes down from higher storage spaces. There is a peace of mind knowing that your items are safely secured and stored.

Acrylic Shelf Dividers ​

Make efficient use of shelving with acrylic shelf dividers. Perfect for organizing handbags, clothing and other accessories, these dividers are a must-have in our closet organization list. The transparency of the dividers are efficient as they allow us to see what’s inside, saving us from the mess and time of going through every divider looking for an item.

Acrylic Hat Stand

These clear and modern acrylic hat stands are a must have for Giselle. Since hats tend to take up a good amount of space, having a proper stand creates more space for other items. They are sturdy and easy to assemble, which is an awesome plus. 

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